We are migrating our DrayTek store into the main CMS Store.

All of our DrayTek products are now available on the CMS Store alongside other products and solutions from over 70 world leading technology vendors.


Are you an Existing Customer? Do you wish to login to your DrayTek Store Account?

If you have an existing account on the DrayTek store you should now log into the CMS Store using the email that you currently use to access this DrayTek site.

All you need to do is go the CMS Store and reset your password here https://store.cmsdistribution.com/en-gb/customer/account/forgotpassword/.

Once you login to your CMS Store account you will be able to access your account details and all your order history.


Are you a New User? Do you wish to be added to an existing DrayTek Store Account?

If your company has an existing account on the DrayTek store and you wish to be added as new user, please ask the person who created this account to instead add you as a new user to your company’s existing CMS Store account.


Are you a New Customer? Would you like to create a new Company Account on the DrayTek Store?

If you wish to set up a new company account to purchase DrayTek products, please do so by instead completing your registration on the CMS Store https://store.cmsdistribution.com/customer/account/login

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